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    Do not show request parameters on URL

    Rushit Desai Newbie


      I have started using Seam with ICEfaces some weeks back. I have created a input field where user can enter some data. I forward the current page to the next page using following code in xhtml:

      <s:link view="/hello.seam" value="Go to hello">
            <f:param name="name" value="#{homeAction.name}"/>
            <f:param name="firstResult" value="#{homeAction.item}"/>

      When I submit the page I get url like


      Now I want that the request parameters(name and firstResult) are not shown in the url at all. We have functionality of POST submit in case of jsp. Do we have something similar to it in Seam?

      Sorry for inconvenience if the problem is trivial.

      Thank you for your time.