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    navigation using tab panels

    Dolphin Here Newbie


      I have build my screens with nested tab panels.

      for eg:

                      tab1 tab2 tab3 tab4
                                 tab3-t1 tab3-t1

      based on the action from btn1 (command button) the tabs tab1. tab2, tab3, and tab4 will be displayed. when the user clicks tab3 i would still list him with the sub tabs tab3-t1 and tab3-t2.

      now, my requirement is when ever btn1 is clicked i wanted to show tab1 as the active tab. which i was able to achive using selected tab option in tab panel.

      the problem with the above approch was when i switch over tab3-t1 and tab3-t2 ,i am always put up with tab1 :-(

      can somebody help me solve this problem.

      Thanks in advance.