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    JBoss EL and JSF2

    Israel Fonseca Apprentice

      Should be any issue on using JSF2/Weld/Tomcat6 with the JBoss EL? I tried to use the spec EL from the EL on the Glassfish v3, and got some very nasty exceptions, with JBoss EL2 instead, it worked pretty fine.

      Will Seam 3 use the JBoss EL, or some other kind of expression factory? The guys at Tomcat even said this when i asked about:

      Tomcat isn't designed to be able to simply swap different Servlet/JSP/EL implementations versions. Only tomcat 7 wil support the new EL

      Well, we are using tomcat 6 in production, and i dont think that we are going to change it soon. I'm wondering if it's right to use JBoss EL, even if it's not follow the specs.