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    Newbie - injection problem (getting null)

    Ricardo Araujo Newbie

      Hi all.
      Im new in SEAM and Im trying to inject a seam component (anoted with @Name), but all my tries fall into a null pointer...

      In a few lines, UploadServiceHome recives a upload request, store the uploaded files and delegate the business to UploadService (talking about modeling, is that a good way?) - processMap(..) method. But the UploadService needs to retrieve database information, stored into FarmStructureDescription (a @Entity). So, im trying to inject FarmStructureDescriptionHome into UploadService, but im getting null....

      The relevant codes:

      public class UploadServiceHome extends EntityHome<UploadService> {
           private static final long serialVersionUID = 6478064206304267363L;
           @In(create = true)
           CompanyHome companyHome;
           private Map<String, String> filesPaths = new HashMap<String, String>();
           public void upload(UploadEvent event) {
                filesPaths.put(fileExtension, pathname);
                try {
                catch (IOException e) {

      public class UploadService implements Serializable{
              @In(create = true)
              FarmStructureDescriptionHome farmStructureDescriptionHome;
              public String processMap(Map<String, String> filesPaths) throws IOException {
                    List<?> descriptions = farmStructureDescriptionHome.getDescriptions(company);
                return "OK";

      some problem to inject into a Serializable object?

      Someone please...
      Modeling tips and comments are welcome too!