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    if your db goes down and up with seam, your are hosed!!

    Dean Hiller Expert

      Please all run this test...

      You will most likely fail RESULT A OR RESULT B and one of those results.

      1. jboss and database is up (should occur in tomcat/db config too)
      2. bring database down(kill -9 does the trick)
      3. go to a page with forms(NOT login page, it behaves weird) (you should be able to get to this page if half the bug is fixed)
      4. now submit the form
      RESULT A: no infinite redirect and goes to error.xthml properly (FAILs with 
         a. oracle OR  
         b. postgres AND check valid connection set
      5. now bring the database back up
      6. now go back to the form and submit it
      RESULT B: fails if check-valid-connection is not set up of course

      VOTE here if I am correct....

      Please vote if you like. I would really like to see check-valid-connection-sql to be called AFTER there is a failure on the connection(ie. why bother calling it as long as the connection keeps working???).