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    acl in seam

    Jack Black Newbie

      Hello, I'm new in seam and i have to do acl for my application.
      I browse internet and i can't find completly documentation.
      I need:
      users, roles, and permissions for roles and users. I do not need security.drl file, i want to use database. Can anyone explain me acl in seam ? Do i need own permission resolver class ?

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          Jack Black Newbie

          It's work!

          security.drl work's with database too

          Need: UserAccount, UserRole, UserPermission (from seam-2.2 seam-gen)

          Annotate method:
          @Restrict( {s:hasPermission('Course','create')})

          Record in database

          action - create
          discriminator - user
          recipeint - for example admin
          target - Entity class for example Course

          and this is it.