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    Seam logging problem - params not used anymore

    slawek t Novice

      I'm using Seam 2.2-SNAPSHOT in my project, and until few days ago my logging in actions was working very well. It was working perfectly with Seam 2.2-SNAPSHOT built about 1 month ago.

      a code snipped like this:

      private Log log;
      log.debug("user #0 added.", user.getName());

      gave a result:

      user some_user added.

      but now when I upgraded Seam up to most recent 2.2-SNAPSHOT version the same code snipped give me result like this:

      user #0 added.

      When I upgraded Seam libraries, I also upgraded few other libraries coming with seam-gen project in /lib folder. Maybe it caused my logging not working properly? Is it possible?

      What to do to have properly working logging again?