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    In ScopeType.PAGE I get: java.lang.IllegalStateException: No conversation context active

    deadlock gr Newbie
      Hi all,

      I have a page-scoped component, which has an instance variable List with data, which I display in a datatable. This datatable has pagination, sorting and filtering.

      The first time gate into the page, I get this appended in my URL: ?conversationId=97. The page works correctly, and when I change datatable pages no now component is created.

      After a minute or two, and at seamingly random time, I get an exception saying that there is no context. I have not used @Create in my code or my navigation files.

      So, I have two questions:

      * Why do I get this suffix in my URL? Why did a conversation start?
      * Why the exception? The component is scoped to PAGE. Tf I received an exception, it should not be related to a conversation. Right? Or is the conversation the exception is referring a temporary conversation?