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    EntityTransactionInterceptor with correct EntityManager in J2SE

    Ashley Westwell Newbie

      Hey Everyone

      I wanted to get some clarification regarding the example show at http://seamframework.org/Documentation/WeldAndJPARunningInTomcat

      1. Created a class to produce my EntityManager

      public class PersistenceProducer {
         @Produces @TicketManager @PersistenceContext(unitName="LogicBoxTicketManager") EntityManager entityManager;

      2. Create a manager class(Singleton) with a simple qualifier named TicketManager

      public class TestManager {
              @Inject @TicketManager EntityManager entityManager;
              public void persist(TestBean testBean) {

      3. Added source for the EntityTransactionInterceptor (which I know is being called) and the transactional qualifier

      public class EntityTransactionInterceptor {
              private @Inject @Any EntityManager entityManager;
              public Object aroundInvoke(InvocationContext invocationContext) throws Exception {
                      boolean active = !(entityManager.getTransaction().isActive());
                      if(active) {
                      try {
                              Object result = invocationContext.proceed();
                              if(active) {
                              return result;
                      catch (Exception exception) {
                              if (active) entityManager.getTransaction().rollback();
                              throw exception;

      My question is in regards to the EntityTransactionInterceptor. How does it know to use the instance of the EntityManager defined in the TestManager and not to create a new one? I understand the @Inject basics but how does the Interceptor know which EntityManager to inject? Especially with mine containing another qualifier @TicketManager?

      The reason I ask is the sample code runs fine but no record is added to the database. I am assuming this is because it is not getting the correct EntityManager from the TestManager class. If I remove the @Transactional from the persist method and add the following lines around the persist method it works fine.

      -> entityManager.getTransaction().begin();
      -> entityManager.getTransaction().commit();

      Thanks for the help in advanced :)