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    Handling clob column type

    Daniel Kim Newbie


      I am working jboss seam project that was initially created by jboss seam and I changed column type varchar2 to clob in order to take enough user input. Now, I changed data type Clob instead of String, but I am having trouble when I retrieve data and update data.
      Are there any references for this type of data type?


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          Daniel Kim Newbie
          Ok, I created a table with clob data type and execute "seam generate" command. It worked ok with around 1000 char, but if I enter more than 1000 char, I get the following error.

          ERROR [JDBCExceptionReporter] operation not allowed: streams type cannot be used in batching

               private String content;

                * @return the content
               public String getContent() {
                    return content;

                * @param content the content to set
               public void setContent(String content) {
                    this.content = content;

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            Ronald van Kuijk Apprentice
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              Daniel Kim Newbie

              I already googled, but couldn't find solution. someone solved by the latest oracle driver. (I am using the latest oracle driver - ojdbc14.jar)