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    Component annotated with @Startup is instantiated twice

    Ryan Nideffer Newbie

      Any component I mark with the @Startup annotation is instantiated twice when Seam is initialized. Here is the most simple case:

      public class SeamComponentStartupTest {
          private static Log logger;
          private static AtomicInteger counter = new AtomicInteger(1);
          public SeamComponentStartupTest() {
              logger.debug("number of times instantiated: {0}", counter.getAndIncrement());


      2010-03-17 10:57:24,210 DEBUG [SeamComponentStartupTest] (HDScanner) number of times instantiated: 1
      2010-03-17 10:57:24,211 DEBUG [SeamComponentStartupTest] (HDScanner) number of times instantiated: 2

      No EL expressions or bijection into another component is referencing this component.

      Known bug? A search a JIRA produces nothing.