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    some clue? button in *.xhtml do not work


      I'm refactoring my seam code. Something goes wrong.
        In IE, I open a xhtml page I've refactored. the page looks ok. But the button do not work . every time time I clicked, it do not go into any method, I've check spelling several times. it's ok yesterday and pages generate by seam  gen works ok too.
        Anyone ever met this? Can anyone give me some clue?

      my working evniroment(windows xp, jboss, seam 2.1)
      thanks advance!

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          Aldo Bonzi Novice

          It would be useful if you show your actual code so we see what are we talking about.

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            thanks all, I found the answer. I add "required=true", if input text block is empty, you can not submit anything! I do not show the error messages.
              Think it will help others in the future


                                                            <h:outputText value="#{messages.mmsUd}" />
                                                            <h:inputText id="idUd" required = "true" value="#{webSendjobMms.ud}"  maxlength="200" size="60"/>