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    Any experiences in running HornetQ in JBoss 4.3?

    Panduranga Manuru Newbie

      We are attempting to run HornetQ as default JMS provider in JBoss 4.3 and remove JBoss Messaging. So far we have not been successful and have not found much documentation.

      Most of configuration we have done is from this link

      Some of our questions are
      -- Do not see any Connection Factory in the JNDI View after the server is successfully started (Not tried any JMS client yet)
      -- We have not been able to setup any JMS destinations though we specified them in jms-ra.rar/hornetq-jms.xml (or we are not able to verify if they are setup and we do not see them in the JNDI view either)
      -- How to configure MBeans to get similar functionality as in JBossMessaging (ServerPeer - MessageCounters, MBeans for Queues etc). We tried setting MBeans for 4.3 using the classes from package org.hornetq.jms.server.management.impl and specifying MBeans in jboss-service.xml in jms-ra.rar. However we are not able to see these MBeans in JBoss JMX console

      Please share if you have experiences and any other tweaks you have done.