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    Hibernate Filter really work with seam ???

    Busssard Buss Newbie

      Hello all,

      Is it a bug with seam ? (My version is 2.2.1.CR1)

      I tried this:


      and this


      and this


      Filter is a great feature of Hibernate and could turn my life a lot of easy.

      Any one has implemented hibernate filters with seam ???

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          Stuart Douglas Master

          It works fine.

          If you need help you need to post details of what you have tried and the error you are getting.

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            Busssard Buss Newbie

            Hi Stuart,

            I was following this tutorial


            I simplify the example trying to find the error and in my components.xml I edited like this:

               <!-- Create the Filter without parameters for while -->
               <persistence:filter name="filterClasse" enabled="#{true}">
               <!--  Configure the filter to use with the  Default Entity Maneger -->
               <persistence:managed-persistence-context name="entityManager" auto-create="true"
               <!-- Only for test with enableFilter() function -->
               <factory name="session" 

            and at my class:

            @org.hibernate.annotations.FilterDef(name = "filtroClasse")
            @Table(name = "META2", schema = "ESTATISTICA")
            @org.hibernate.annotations.Filter(name = "filtroClasse", condition="MES = 'XX'" )

            As you can read above I'm trying a static condition first, but I want to use parameters too.

            Where are my mistakes ?

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              Craig Bensemann Novice

              So do you get any errors with the above configuration? Please post these if you did. I know I was a bit confused when I created my first filter in Seam. The docs don't really cover this well. I also basically followed the tutorial you did and afterwards I typed up a summary of what I did on my seam tips pages https://sites.google.com/a/softwarefactory.co.nz/seam-tips/other/hibernate-filters. It basically repeats what was stated in the tutorial you have already found but maybe reading it stated in a slightly different way with different examples may help.

              If you get it set up correctly and have enabled hibernate printing of sql you should see your condition printed out as a where clause in queries using the filter.

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                Busssard Buss Newbie

                Thanks Craig,

                I follow your steps and its works. I realy don't know what was my mistake, but now it works !