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    Tuning JBoss AS 5.1

    Pietro M. Newbie


      I'm working with Seam 2.2.0GA using JBoss AS 5.1GA as application server.

      I'm using ICEFaces + Facelets + Javabeans (not EJB3) + JPA/Hibernate. The project I'm working on is created from seam-gen create-project and is deployed as an exploded WAR into the Default subdirectory of JBoss.

      The problem is that even with 2GB of memory (RAM), the combination Eclipse + JBoss AS is making my system slow. Is there a way to make JBoss AS claim less memory and to speed up the startup time?

      If you need additional info, please ask. Thanks to everybody who drops an answer.

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          Arbi Sookazian Master

          1) run disk defrag (if you're using Windows)

          2) modify the min and max memory settings in run.sh, run.bat or the JBoss server view setup (click open launch config and modify the VM args).

          3) default profile starts up faster than all (all has cluster feature)

          4) use Ubuntu or RHEL instead of windows

          5) if you're using the Sun HotSpot JVM, that has a PermGen space (JRockit does not) and the more you re-deploy your WAR/EAR, the more of that memory is used and your JBoss will slow down

          6) see the JVM settings in Dan Allen's SiA book