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    restore inactive conversation (shopping cart example)

    lachlan hendy Newbie
      Ok Seam gurus, here is the concept. basically a Shopping cart concept, I have a conversation scoped bean that manages my cart, and stores the items I have added to my cart. it has methods for adding and removing items, changing quantities, etc.

      the application has other functions such as item search, and other conversation beans etc.

      what I want the user to able to do, is begin a shoppingCart conversation, add some items, then navigate away from the shopping cart, so the conversation becomes "inactive". then the user does a search, and selects add to cart, or wants to view their cart again. I need to "re-activate" the existing (now inactive) conversation.

      I dont want to have multiple shopping cart's (workspaces) as that will confuse my dumb users, just want to be able to activate an inactive conversation without using the conversation switcher.

      I though propagation="join" or the annotation @Begin(join=true) would do this for me, but that is only good if the conversation is still active. if its inactive it will just start a fresh one.

      Surely this use case is possible one way or another in Seam?

      many thanks.