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    Method not found EL expression throwing error?

    Dan Acuff Newbie

      In this code is a call to the customerSession.setSelectedAddress(null) method...
      This is so we can add a new shipping address even if we already have one.

                                                              <s:link styleClass="add_address_link"
                                                                      action="#{customerSession.copyAddress}" value="Add New Address">
                                                                      <a:support event="onclick"
                                                                              reRender="shipInputAjax, ship01shipmentMethodCodeAdjx, cartViewAjax"
                                                                              ajaxSingle="false" />

      On the backend is:

               * @return the selectedAddress
              public CustomerShipmentAddress getSelectedAddress() {
                      return selectedAddress;
              public void setSelectedAddress(CustomerShipmentAddress selectedAddress) {
                      this.selectedAddress = selectedAddress;

      I am getting a warning on the front end code, saying setSelectedAddress cannot be resolved.

      What does that mean and how can I fix it please. We are using SEAM and this is a SESSION backing bean.

      Thanks much,

      p.s. JBOSS developer studio classifies it as Type Validation Message problem.