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    How to correctly instate SLSB from another archive?

    Francis Drake Newbie


         I have created separate JAR archive with my session beans that I use in multiple seam web projects. However, when I try to use it, entity manager defined in the session bean is always null :(

         I declare entity manager in my outside session beans like this:

           private EntityManager entityManager;

      Then I try to instantiate in my seam project in multiple ways:

      @In OutsideBean bean;
      @EJB(name="beanName") OutsideBean bean;
      or simply OutsideBean bean = new OutsideBean();

      All the time entityManager variable is null and I can't operate on data from database.

      I've been stuck with this for 3 days now, google, searching forums gives me no hints. Perhaps here anyone could give me a hint? At least a clue, if it's seam or my jar archive related problem. Persistence unit is declared in another JAR - with entity beans. However seam projects as well as message driven beans (also separare jar archive) can use it without problems. My guess is I instate the SLSB in the wrong way...