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    add-identity-management: modifying role info removes users from role

    Alan Pappachan Newbie

      I am facing a problem which I'm not sure is an implementation issue with add-identity-management, issue with identity API or behavior by design. When a role name is modified, all members of that role are dropped from membership of that role. In a database with hundreds of users, this is a nightmare scenario. Even the rectification of a typo in a role name will render the database useless.

      Consider the following - very simple - scenario:
      Create a new role, MARKETING. Create two new user accounts: John, Jane.
      Add John and Jane to MARKETING.
      Now modify the name MARKETING to Marketing.
      John and Jane are now dropped from the Marketing role.

      From the sql output I see that this is implemented as a drop-insert, not update.

      If I want to retain all users in the role in spite of changes to role name, how do I do that?