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    Seam-Excel: Iterating through a HashMap

    Christoph Kraus Newbie

      Hi guys,

      First of all, the implementation of an excel template in seam is really cool. But I'm facing a problem when trying to iterate through a HashMap using the <e:worksheet> component. Sorry, if this is a newby problem, but maybe you can tell me if the following is possible. If yes how does it work correctly?

      In the backing bean I prepared a map:

      Map<Long, List<Property>> propertyMap = new HashMap<Long, List<Property>>();

      In the view I tried something like this:

      <e:worksheet name="Test">
              <f:facet name="header">
                  <e:cell value="ID"/>
      <ui:repeat value="#{propertyMap.values}" var="_propertyList">
          <e:worksheet name="Test" value="#{_propertyList}" var="_property">
                  <e:cell value="#{_property.id}"/>

      but this returns only the header row without any property ids.

      I know that repeating the <e:worksheet> will overwrite rows, but I will look after this problem later.
      Hope anyone can think of my problem. Tell me, if you need any further information.

      Many thanks in advance