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    dynamic creation of restful link with action listener

    Steve Burrows Newbie

      We have a number of info pages each with restful urls defined via 'rewrite' tags in the page.xml.  The restful urls follow a common format.  How can I render a dynamically created link to this restful url and also execute an action when the link is clicked?

      If I use s:link, I must specify a view id (not the restful URL) If I try to use the restful URL, jsf appends .xhtml without my asking it to do so.  Also, actionListeners seem to be executed at render time, not when the link is clicked.

      If I use h:commandLink, I need a form (ok) and my action must return a view id - same issue as before.

      If I use h:outputLink, I can get the link rendered the way I want, but I can't hook up an actionListener.

      We're using: Seam 2.2, Jboss AS 4.3 and facelets