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    Generating ODS files with seam

    David Chokhonelidze Newbie


      I am developing web application with seam, and interested in to do something like this:
      I would like to have a button/link and when user clicks this button/link in new tab will open spreadsheet(OpenOffice.calc spreadsheet),is that possible with seam,i know excel exporter but it only exports data , i need to open it in new tab, modify/add data and then export myself, is it possible,if yes how to do that?

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          Ilya Dyoshin Novice

          I guess not, without implementing some heavyweight programming using macroses in OpenOffice.

          What you actually need, as I understand - the data provider for Spreadsheet. Microsoft started developing such services for MS Excel 2007 - but server side of this functionality is too tight to .NET.

          For implementing this the most cheap solution would be to create the SOAP or any other type of Web service with the data, and to learn Spreadsheet to work with importing such information (i.e. macro) and save prepared ODS as the template.

          but maybe I'm not so mistook with OpenOffice platform.

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          Ilya Dyoshin