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    s:selectItems in h:selectOneMenu, and custom styling of options

    Robert Seely Newbie

      Hello!  I've been trying to implement custom styling of options in a selectOneMenu, and was following the BalusC instructions for doing so with basic JSF at http://balusc.blogspot.com/2008/08/styling-options-in-hselectonemenu.html.

      I've run into a little catch, though, as I'm using s:selectItems with a nested s:convertEntity inside of my h:selectOneMenu, rather than the f:selectItems that BalusC uses.  As a result, my ExtendedMenuRenderer's renderOption method isn't being called at all, and my selectOneMenu isn't getting styled.

      What adjustments would I need to make (hopefully minor! ;)) to get that custom option renderer working with Seam's selectItems?