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    Seam PDF format differenence between dev env and prod environment

    Daniel Kim Newbie

      I have deployed a jboss seam web app and found out a PDF format(indentation) is different between dev and prod environment. they both jboss 4.2.3 with jdk6 and same jboss-seam-pdf.jar.
      Only difference is dev environment is windows, but prod environment is linux.
      Any help is appreciated.

      this is a partial code.

      <p:paragraph rendered="#{qualChkBoxBean.adminSumEditQ1Crawford==true}">
                <h3><u>Administrative Summary:</u></h3>
                <br />
                      <b>#{messages['lbl.qualReportQuest1']}</b><br />
                      - #{crawfordReportList.resultList.get(0).quest1}<br /><br />
                     <b>#{messages['lbl.qualReportQuest2']}</b><br />
                      - #{crawfordReportList.resultList.get(0).quest2}<br /><br />
                      <b>#{messages['lbl.qualReportQuest3']}</b><br />
                      - #{crawfordReportList.resultList.get(0).quest3}<br /><br />
                      <b>#{messages['lbl.qualReportQuest3']}</b><br />
                      - #{crawfordReportList.resultList.get(0).quest4}<br /><br />

      thanks in advance...