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    Unable to set trigger properties via QuartzTriggerHandle

    Thomas Wellen Newbie


      I got stuck due to the following problem:

      I would like to set some trigger properties using the QuartzTriggerHandle. Unfortunately, this does not seem to have any affect on the qrtz_* tables in my MySQL Database.

      For example, trying to set the misfired instruction to CronTrigger.MISFIRE_INSTRUCTION_DO_NOTHING fails. The value still has its default value CronTrigger.MISFIRE_INSTRUCTION_SMART_POLICY afterwards:

      Trigger trigger = testClass.getQuartzTriggerHandle().getTrigger();

      All other setters, I can call from the trigger-Object above have no effect at all as well.

      For the moment, I update the quartz tables manually via JDBC to be able to set the appropriate misfire instruction.

      For my quartz implementation, I used the quartz-example from the seam exmaple directory. Apart from the described behaviour above, it works quite well.

      I am using Seam 2.2.0 GA and quartz 1.7.2.

      Can someone explain why this does not work?

      Thanks in advance