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    Problem with EntityBeanManager

    Mukul Kumar Newbie

      Hello Seam Users,

      I am quite new to Jboss seam. It sounds very exciting and enthused me to learn more about it.
      I am trying to do a simple POC on it.

      I created a new seam application on Jboss Developer Studio 3.0. and created an entity bean from File->New->Entity Bean. eg Test
      It created two .xhtml files with save button along with two session beans.
      I made the connection to the database while creating the application, so I am assuming that all the jndi settings were taken care by the IDE.

      Issue Description: On clicking the save button, I am getting below error :
      entityBeanManager is not bound to the TestEntityBeanManagerFactory !

      The jdbc is giving success in ping.
      The jndi is also created of the application.

      I am sure it might be a small issue what I am not able to make out.
      Kindly help me to fix it.

      Thanks in advance.