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    can navigation from-action method have parameters?

    Chun Shin Newbie


      I have the following navigation block in my pages.xml

              <navigation from-action="#{someBean.showDetails}">
                  <redirect view-id="/details.xhtml" />

      The above works fine.

      However, when I changed the method showDetails to take a parameter like

              <navigation from-action="#{someBean.showDetails(rowIndex)}">
                  <redirect view-id="/details.xhtml" />

      the redirect doesn't work. To get around this, I changed the method showDetails to return a string like

          public String showDetails(final String rowIndex) {
              // do something here
              return "/details.xhtml";

      Can this be done in navigation from-action?

      Thanks for your help in advance!

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          Pjot Andreev Newbie

          Hi James, normlly it works perfectly, if you use parameters in the action expression. One can even call the action method dynamically on some SEAM/JSF component:

          call the action

          <a4j:commandLink action="#{actionHandler[actionHandler.selectedAction]}"/>

          and navigate with

          <navigation from-action="#{actionHandler[actionHandler.selectedAction]}">

          In your case the question is rather: are you sure the rowIndex is of type String? I guess, the EL expression


          doesnt get evaluated to the method

          showDetails(final String rowIndex) 

          And by the way, i would recommend a very nice book Seam In Action by Dan Allen, Chapter 2.5.1, where u can find very usefull info about drill downs.

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            Chun Shin Newbie


            Yes, I'm positive the rowIndex is type String. I have a rich:dataTable like

            <rich:dataTable id="d1" rowKeyVar="rowIndex">

            I could have used @DataModelSelection for a selected row from the rich:dataTable, but I'm trying to not use @DataModelSelection. To achieve that, I came up with an idea of passing a row index when a user clicks an a4j:commandLink 'showDetails'. So, my a4j:commandLink looks like

            <a4j:commandLink id="l1" action="#{someBean.showDetails(rowIndex)}" value="Details" />

            In my showDetails method, I could see rowIndex is passed correctly.

            Odd, why the navigation doesn't work in pages.xml.