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    NoSuchObjectException issue

    matt dubord Newbie

      Here's the deal:

      Service 103 exists in the database:
      test=# select * from service;
      serviceroot | servicename | hostip | serviceid
      /usr/local/mike | TestService2 | | 102
      /usr/local/storm | TestService1 | | 103
      /usr/local/mike | TestService2 | | 108
      (3 rows)
      But I get the following exception:

      [Service] TRANSACTION ROLLBACK EXCEPTION:null; nested exception is:
      [Service] java.rmi.NoSuchObjectException
      [Service] at org.jboss.ejb.plugins.AbstractInstanceCache.get(AbstractInstanceCache.java:173)
      [Service] at org.jboss.ejb.plugins.EntityInstanceCache.get(EntityInstanceCache.java:58)

      I can do a findByPrimaryKey(), and it returns a remote reference that is NOT null, but when I try to call a method on this remote reference, I get the exception. It seems to be saying that the bean has been removed, but that's not true because it exists in the database. If you need more info, let me know.