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    Property 'c1' not found on type org.hibernate.collection.PersistentSet

    Joshua Klink Newbie

      I am getting the error Property 'c1' not found on type org.hibernate.collection.PersistentSet when I try to de-reference an object in EL.

      I have three entities: EntityA, EntityB, and EntityC where there is a one-to-many mapping between EntityA and EntityB and a one-to-many mapping between EntityB and EntityC.  I do the following query in a componentA:

      ArrayList<EntityA> myA= (ArrayList<EntityA>) entityManager.createQuery("SELECT A FROM EntityA A").getResultList();

      where myA has been declared:

      @Out(required=false) private ArrayList<EntityA> myA;

      Within my XHTML page, I can reference fields of either myA, or of any of the EntityB's associated with myA.  However, if I try to de-reference twice and read myA.B.C.c1, I find that C is not populated.

      I've also tried the query

      SELECT A FROM EntityA A, EntityB B, EntityC C WHERE C.myB.id=B.id AND B.myA.id=A.id

      but that doesn't help.

      How do I go about populating EntityC in the PersistentSet?