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    Bug in seam ui download tag

    Flávio Borsatto Newbie
      I tried to set a class for the seam ui tag download, i tried to set the styleClass attribute, but the html output was a styleClass attribute atributte instead of a class attribute.

      I think the problem is in DownloadRendererBase, in line 72.

      private void writeStartTag(javax.faces.context.ResponseWriter writer, UIDownload download, String url) throws IOException
            writer.startElement(HTML.ANCHOR_ELEM, null);
            writer.writeAttribute(HTML.HREF_ATTR, url, null);
            if (download.getStyle() != null)
               writer.writeAttribute(HTML.STYLE_ATTR, download.getStyle(), null);
            if (download.getStyleClass() != null)
               writer.writeAttribute(HTML.STYLE_CLASS_ATTR, download.getStyleClass(), null);

      Shouldn't writer.writeAttribute call be like this?
               writer.writeAttribute(*HTML.CLASS_ATTR*, download.getStyleClass(), null);