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    EntityQuery for Transaction Processing?

    scott duke Novice

      I see EntityQuery used mostly for gathering data for lists to be displayed, but can it also be used for processing transactions?

      The reason I am asking is because I want to page through small groups of data rather than one large result list. I already have code written to handle this, but thought EntityQuery already has the tools written for paging.


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          Gabor Jakab Newbie

          What exactly do you mean by transactions? EntityQuery is pretty useful for lists with paging. If you rather want to implement some background batch processing I would suggest to check Hibernate Scrollableresults and Hibernate StatelessSession... this is you chapter then: Batch processing

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            scott duke Novice

            What I meant by transactions is creating and updating records based upon a resultList that can be pretty big.

            I had thought about hibernate, but I have not setup my project to use hibernate. I had wanted to switch over to use hibernate at some point, but I guess now is a good time.

            I will check the Seam documentation for setting hibernate up. Or, is there a good site that can step me through this?

            Thanks Gabor! The scrollableresults is exactly what I am looking for.