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    Using Seams PDF?

    Craig Bensemann Novice

      Hi All,

      I looked into using Seams PDF templating to create pdf documents in the past but ended up using Jasper Reports as the document I created had a non-trivial layout and I found the lack of code completion in eclipse to be very time consuming. I am about to start creating pdf reports/documents for my next project and am just re-evaluating whether to use seams built in pdf, jasper again or something else.

      So my questions are:
      - Who is using seams built in iText/pdf stuff? Is anyone able to link to example pdfs they have created using it?
      - Is content assist available in eclipse? I know this has been asked before but couldn't find a solution.
      - What do others recommend for creating pdf output (probably containing charts, tables, text, images - the documents haven't been fully designed yet)

      I'm not trying to start any sort of argument over which solution is better. Just trying to work out what other people are using.


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          Arbi Sookazian Master

          My current Seam 2.x project is using iReport 3.x and JasperReports to produce billing statements for customers via CRON/shell scripts.  It looks like a ripoff of PowerBuilder but without the power of the DataWindow.

          If you add JSF capabilities and Seam setup to your Seam project in Eclipse, you will have code assist for your Seam backing bean components in the facelets (search the JBoss Tools forum for my posts regarding how to do this).

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            Craig Bensemann Novice


            Thanks for your comments. Its good to know how other users are solving their problems. I am currently looking into using DynamicJasper (along with iReport and JasperReports) to allow users to dynamically select the fields for their reports.

            As for the completion side of things. I have completion working for most things but it does not work for mail or pdf which makes it much slower to learn and develop these two components. I didn't know you could get backing bean completion too using JBoss Tools. However I am using MyEclipse and I dont think its possible to install JBoss Tools into MyEclipse (at least I dont think this problem has been fixed). I think I'll download tools into a regular eclipse and check them out.