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    how to go back to parent conversation

    sai burgula Novice

      I have a bean wherein I start a conversation on a search page, where you can search for a course,and it presents you a list. 

      Now when you select a course by clicking on a row in that dataTable, another conversation(nested) starts.  This conversation is active till the person searches, edit, delete or does any operation on that course.  When the person again clicks on a link on the page to go back to the search results, the nested conversation is ended and parent conversation is made active.

      The method I call when a person clicks on that link(named Search) from any page(edit, delete, view) is the clearSearchParams() method.

      This method has the following code:

      String oldConversationId = Conversation.instance().getId();

      // this will end the nested conversation.
      // Conversation.instance().leave();


      // this will redirect conversation to the parent

      As you can notice it gets the current conversation Id, ends the conversation, removes the conversation Id from the entries list and redirects to the parent Conversation.

      Now what I notice is that as I am clicking through the different links on the left hand menu from any page, I am able to go through all the pages, but when I click on the Search page, it blanks out.  I believe that the conversation is ended, but it does not somehow redirect to the parent, and I dont get the search page back.

      Can anyone suggest what is the best remedy for this situation.

      In my bean, I have the following code right at the beginning even before the search method is called:

      protected void beginConversation(boolean join, boolean nested) {
                Conversation.instance().begin(join, nested);

      protected void endConversation(boolean beforeRedirect) {

      And when a course is selected I have a method called loadCourseOffering() being called.

      That method has the following line in it

           Conversation.instance().begin(false, true);
      which starts a nested conversation.

      This conversation is active when you edit that course, delete, view the course details, etc.

      It should ideally end and the parent conversation should be called when I click on the "Search" link from any page, since it calls the above listed method "clearSearchParams()".

      Please let me know if anyone has a idea for this.


      P.S:   I hope I have not confused anyone with so much information.  My apologies if so.