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    Boon Hian Tek Newbie


      I am writing a Database Access Object that
      has a method that executeQuery on a stored
      procedure on a Sybase 12.5.

      The DAO is being called from within a
      StateLess EJB. Somehow whenever I execute
      the query, the method dies because of
      some uncommented HeuristicRollbackException,
      any clue?

      The stored procedure creates a number of
      temporary table to do a complicated search.
      Could it be that those DDL statements
      are being commited automatically by the
      database, thus causing JBoss to lose its
      ability to control the transaction?

      Any clues?



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          David Jencks Master

          It should be pretty easy to investigate if your suggestion is the problem. If not, make sure you are not trying to hold onto a connection over transaction boundaries and that you are closing it before the end of the transaction.

          [transaction starts]
          Connection c = ds.getConnection();
          try {
          ..do work
          ..close resultsets and statements
          finally {
          [transaction ends]