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    Quartz task runs only once on startup, but runs OK when started via GUI

    Tathagat Tathagat Newbie

      Hi all.

      I created a TaskScheduler

      public class TaskSchedulerService {
           private static Logger logger = Logger.getLogger(TaskSchedulerService.class);
      //     @In QuartzTriggerHandle timer;
           public QuartzTriggerHandle test(@Expiration Date when, @IntervalDuration Long interval) {
                logger.debug("XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX: " + (new Date().toString()));
                return null;
           public void startEmailCheck() {
                logger.debug("startEmailCheck - BEGIN");
                Date now = new Date();
                Long interval = new Long(10 * 1000);
                test(now, interval);

      It does nothing more than log date/time every 10 seconds.

      When I start my server (Jetty via maven) it logs the first statement and then nothing more. But if I call the method (startEmailCheck) using a button from GUI, it starts logging every 10 seconds.

      I think I am making an obvious mistake - may be fresh eyes will help me :).

      Thanks in advance.