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    Bizarre Things Going On!

    Tony Newbie

      Something weird is happening to the entity beans in my database. I have a MBean which scans through all the rows in my database and makes changes under certain conditions (i won't bore you with them). e.g. Changing status="processing" to status="ready".

      The changes are certainly visible when I look at the entity bean attribute values with simple SQL queries, but when I get a simple client to return the value with an entity bean getXXX() method, it retruns the OLD value, no matter how long I wait.

      When I restart the server, I finally get the correct, updated value.

      Could somebody please tell me how I can get the updated value without having to restart the server?

      It seems that the beans get activated at server startup and never refresh their up-to-date attribute values before being passivated at server shutdown.

      Thanks veryy much for your help!!!!