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    Deploy doesn't work with sample Seam Web Project

    Martin Dames Newbie

      Hi guys,

      I have a problem with the out-of-the-box project, created by the JBoss Tools Wizard. Here are the steps I did:

      - I downloaded JBoss App Server 5.1
      - I added it to Eclipse with JBoss Tools, now with the ServersView I can start/stop the server
      - I set up MySQL with an empty schema, runs locally
      - I created a new Seam Web Project
      - Provided all necessary Information ( most are default ). Created my WebApp HelloSeamWorld as a WAR.
      - Inspected the generated code and other files

      When I right click on my Project-Run As-Run on Server-JBoss 5.1 Runtime Server The Server started and a new browser tab in Eclipse popuped up with URL: http://localhost:8080/HelloSeamWorld/

      So everthing should be fine and everthing is correct in my means.... but... I get evertime a HTTP 404 from my JBoss App Server.
      The Server view and the deploy dir of my server sais, that the HelloSeamWorld app is deployed... but nothing.

      So I need help... I can not believe that the JBoss Tools Project Generator generates bullshit... the web.xml should be correct and the context root is also correct.

      I tried also to use http://localhost:8080/HelloSeamWorld/home.seam ... index.html... etc.... nothing.

      It must be a very simple and stupid error... but I don't know... I'd really appreciate help.

      Thank you guys!