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    Using EL with the Log class injected by @Logger does not work

    Heiko Kopp Newbie


      I've tried some of the examples from the Seam archive and they work pretty well, even though it is tough when using WebSphere AS 6.1 as we do.

      However, I came to the point where in the examples a line like

      log.info("Registered user #{user.username}");

      is shown. The explanation tells me that the EL used inside should be evaluated correctly. But it does not it seems. Instead, I get the output

      INFO  [RegisterAction] Registered user #{user.username}

      which is not what I assumed to get. The line

      FacesMessages.instance().add("User #{user.username} already exists.");

      however works perfectly and displays the input user name instead of the EL.

      I first thought, OK this might be something that happends only in WebSphere Environments, so I downloaded JBOSS 5.1 AS, used the newest Seam available and used on of the examples provided. The same problem happends.

      Is this simply a misunderstanding on my part or is this an error? Could somebody lead me into a direction what I can try to figure out WHY this is not working?

      Thank you very much,