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    persisting mail event in case of multiple recipients

    Kyuha yi Newbie

      How can I persist mailing data (to, from, subject ...) on sending emall in case of  Multiple recipients http://docs.jboss.com/seam/latest/en-US/html/mail.html#d0e20904

      <ui:repeat value="#{allUsers} var="user">
          <m:to name="#{user.firstname} #{user.lastname}" address="#{user.emailAddress}" />

      • ui:repeat with the list of java object(e.g. user) doesn't seem to have a spot to call persisting

      • Is there a way iterating the list then passing the object(user) into the email template (e.g.mail.xhtml)

              for (User user : allUsers)
                  // Do something xhtml  aware user object