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    Add attributes to a entity bean ??

    Uwe Matthaeus Newbie

      I have a a bean (CMP) with 4 attributes. I deploy this bean -> OK.
      Now i add 2 attributes to the bean (no beans in the database),
      change the desciptor, make a new jar and deploy -> OK. I create
      the bean -> exception message:The attribute '..' is not in the database. Whats wrong ?
      Thanks in advance.


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          Colin Vella Newbie

          a) Drop your table and re-deploy the bean.. the auto-deployer will not find the table and will re-create it with the extra attributes


          b) If you have a jaws.xml in your jar, set:
          <remove-table>true</remove-table> in your ejb or <default-entity>

          I would not recommend (b) really as you might loose a table containing valuable data if you accidentally re-deploy the bean later on!