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    Help required in passing primary key for getting list of values corresponding to key

    vasuki hn Newbie


      I have written 2 entity files(Customer.java and Location.java) and coressponding few files that are

      CustomerHome.java,       LocationHome.java
      CustomerList.java,       LocationList.java
      Customer.xhtml,          Location.xhtml
      CustomerEdit.xhtml,      LocationEdit.xhtml
      CustomerList.xhtml,      LocationList.xhtml

      I want to pass primary key from home.xhtml

      I want to know how to pass primary key from .xhtml to .java file so that i will get only those list of data which corresponds to the passed primary key.

      I will explain a scenario to better understand my problem:
      In my home.xhtml file, i am listing list of customers and when i click on any one of the customers, it should show me a list of locations corresponding to that customer.

      So how to pass the primary key(customerId) from home.xhtml to list the location?


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          Kevin Sapper Newbie

          Hi Vasuki,

          a possible solution for your problem is to create a list and push it via @DataModel to your view. If an action is executed on the table the selected customer is automatically pushed into the beans selecedCustomer attribute.
          And I guess that your entites have a relationship so it should be no problem for you to obtain the location data from a customer entity like the function 'showLocations' does.

          public class CustomerAction implements Serializable {
              private EntityManager entityManager;
              private List<Customer> customerList;
              @DataModelSelection(value = "customerList")
              @Out(required = false)
              private Customer selectedCustomer;
              private List<Location> locationList; 
              public List<Customer> initCustomerList() {
                  return (ArrayList<Customer>)
                    entityManager.createQuery("SELECT e FROM EnglishDictionary e")
              public void showLocations() {
                  locationList = selectedCustomer.getLocations();

          To display the location result in your home.xhtml you wont render the locationsPanel until a customer has been selected and his locations are loaded.

          <rich:panel id="custerPanel">
            <rich:dataTable id="customerTable" value="#{customerList}" var="_customer">
                <f:facet value="header">Customer name</f:facet>
                <h:outputText value="#{_customer.name}" />
                <f:facet> value="header">Action</f:facet>
                <h:commandButton action="#{customerAction.showLocation}" />
          <rich:panel id="locationPanel" rendered="#{not empty locationList}">
            <f:facet name="header">selectedCustomer.name</f:facet>
            <rich:dataTable id="locationTable" value="#{locationList}" var="_location"}">
                <f:facet value="header">Location name</f:facet>
                <h:outputText value="#{_location.name}" />