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    identity using jaas-config-name and its effect on identityManager

    Matt Davis Newbie

      In components.xml I have this:

      <security:identity jaas-config-name="myConfigFromLoginConfigXML" />

      LoginConfig.xml in JBoss is set up with my active directory info. I can log in just fine.

      After the user is logged in, I try to get their roles. So, I inject an identityManager.

      I've got this in my components.xml:

      <security:identity-manager identity-store="#{ldapIdentityStore}" role-identity-store="#{ldapIdentityStore} />
      <security:ldap-identity-store />

      Obviously, this doesn't work because the identityManager is trying to use the ldap-identity-store, which doesn't have any settings. Those are all in loginConfig.xml.

      Is there a similar way to make ldapIdentityStore use a jaas-configuration? Or am I forced to put the configuration info into the ldap-identity-store tag in components.xml? If the latter is the case, then the jaas-config-name option for identity is pretty pointless. It lets you log in and gives you Identity, but you can't use it to check roles or any of the other things that identityManager gives you.