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    The 3rd level nodes of richfaces tree can not be displayed properly.

    Chris Mueller Newbie

      Hello everyone, I use JBoss AS 4.2, Seam 2.2, Richfaces 3.2.1, I have now a tree which reads data from DB und diplays a 3-level tree-view. It runs good exept a issue: if the number of the nodes on the 3rd level is larger than 25, it then runs in troble. That is, the 26th node on the 3rd level can not be displayed. If I delete a node, the 26th node appears then. This is really strange. I am lost! Can anyone help me? Thank you for any reply.

      Is this a bug by JBoss AS 4.2? I have tested it in JBoss AS 5.1, there is no such problem. But the nodeselectListener does not work any more.