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    will JBoss CX  work in JBoss 2.2.2? Where can I find JBoos C

    kumar Newbie


      I am wondering whether JBoss is 100% EJB2.0 Spec compliant or not?

      Another Question I have Does it really supports JCA Specification. I mean does JBossCX connector works or not.

      I had spent one whole week of time on this connector, There is not much documentation available on Jboss site. I appreciate if I get help from the developers of JBoss CX.

      I had emailed the two developers in the last week asking for documentation about how to implement the JBossCX and how to test it. I did not hear from the developers. I am just waiting for their replies.

      I see only one page document which is not clear for me, and it wont talk about the whole nine yards.

      In the mean time, If anyone had able to make the JBoss Work, Please email me.

      Please Reply.


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          David Jencks Master

          I have had no problems using the jca support since 2.2.2, although I recommend using rabbithole or at least 2.4. In 2.2.2 you have to deploy your adapters by hand which is annoying to say the least.

          If you are specific about the problems you are having and what you have tried you are more likely to get useful help.

          btw in rabbithole (cvs version) all db access is through jca and jdbc adapter rars.

          What connector are you trying to use?