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    Fix Startup

    Marcel Vielsack Newbie

      Hi folks!

      I'm trying to get rid of the warinings during the Start-up of seam.
      There are some warings i don't understand and so i don't know how to fix them:

      08:27:22,836 WARN  [AnnotationCreator] No ClassLoader provided, using TCCL: org.jboss.managed.api.annotation.ManagementComponent
      08:27:36,236 WARN  [Ejb3AnnotationHandler] JBMETA-4: did not find any bean meta data for annotation bean TimerServiceDispatcher, will create some
      08:27:36,236 WARN  [InjectInterceptorsFactory] WEIRDNESS IN AOP: advisor org.jboss.ejb3.aop.ExtendedManagedObjectAdvisor@1f839e8
      08:27:37,750 WARN  [InjectInterceptorsFactory] WEIRDNESS IN AOP: advisor org.jboss.ejb3.aop.ExtendedManagedObjectAdvisor@cd41c4
      08:27:39,109 WARN  [Ejb3Configuration] Persistence provider caller does not implement the EJB3 spec correctly. PersistenceUnitInfo.getNewTempClassLoader() is null.
      08:27:42,358 WARN  [SessionFactoryObjectFactory] InitialContext did not implement EventContext
      08:27:44,404 WARN  [InterceptorsFactory] EJBTHREE-1246: Do not use InterceptorsFactory with a ManagedObjectAdvisor, InterceptorRegistry should be used via the bean container
      08:27:46,434 WARN  [WebServiceDeployerEJB] Ingore ejb deployment with null classname: org.jboss.metadata.ejb.jboss.JBossSessionBeanMetaData@25c39470{EjbSynchronizations}
      08:27:49,136 WARNING [config] Unable to process deployment descriptor for context '/SurveySyncBean'
      08:27:49,901 WARN  [SeamPhaseListener] There should only be one Seam phase listener per application
      08:27:56,101 WARN  [PersistentPermissionResolver] no permission store available - please install a PermissionStore with the name 'org.jboss.seam.security.jpaPermissionStore' if persistent permissions are required.

      Would be great if somebody could help me.