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    Meldware moved, examples\mail not building.

    John Gray Newbie

      buni.org is redirecting to osintegrators.com (apparently since 09/04/2009).
      The Maven central repository (http://repo1.maven.org/maven2/) does not contain a /buni or /org/buni folder.

      This means that the commands:

      cd "[SEAM_HOME]\examples\mail"
      ant explode

      fail when Maven tries to fetch org/buni/meldware/mail/1.0M8/* from "Central".

      It also means there is nowhere to get the "production" version of Meldware as per the Seam Manual section 21.4 at

      What is the recommended way to fix this? I notice that %SEAM_HOME%\lib contains two meldware jars - should I manually install one of these into my .m2 repository? If so which one?