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    Help on the separate deployment of .war and .jar files of a Seam project using remote EJBs

    Andrea Barraza Newbie

      I need to develop a JEE project using Seam where the .war file is deployed in tomcat and .jar file is deployed in JBoss. I’m really new to JEE and Seam, so I really don’t have a clear idea of how this would be done. After searching for a tutorial or any kind of help, I am under the impression that using remote EJBs with Seam causes problems with injection and seam contexts in general, and that there really isn’t an out-of-the box simple way of communicating separately deployed .war and .jar projects using Seam. In perspective I’m just lost with the whole subject; could anybody please help me find a tutorial or something that might help me at least to see a little light? I need to solve this as soon as possible so any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.