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    Advantage of S:LINK over A HREF link?

    Dan Acuff Newbie
      What is the advantage of S:LINK over an html link?

      <s:link id="footercustomercarefoot" action="customer_care" 
              title="Go to Customer Care." value="#{messages.customerCare}" />

      Used in conjunction with the pages.xml file where a rule is set:

                      <rule if-outcome="customer_care"> 
                              view-id="/store/#{customerSession.storeShortName}/customer_care.xhtml" /> 

      I did not code the above, but we want to add a new link. Can you explain why the above is better than just adding a normal link <a href=""> etc..???

      Searching for a reason on the web AND in Beginning JBOSS Seam is providing no direct answer. I think the framework assumes some sort of past knowledge.

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