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    problem with seam managed persistence context

    madhu reddy Newbie
      hi all,

              I am facing problem with seam managed persistence context.with the help of DataModelSelction selected object is outjected and there are select one menus are there for that object(parents),when i change the element in the select one menu it will automatically updating.and also another problem is if i attach any action listeners for that object at that time also it will updating when i change that selected object at my session bean.i am strucked with this for last few months.can any one help me in this issue.
      it makes me a lot of help.

      my code in components.xml

      <persistence:managed-persistence-context name="entityManager"

      in session

           private List<ItShipmentOrder> itShipmentOrders= new ArrayList<ItShipmentOrder>(0);
           @Out(value="itShipmentOrder", required=false)
           private ItShipmentOrder selectedItShipmentOrder;   
           public void getItShipmentOrders()