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      I developed my first CMP outside of an IDE by hand. I have a session bean and a CMP bean. But I can not seem to deploy it because of an error:

      [Container factory] org.jboss.ejb.DeploymentException: Bean NPUser has PK of type java.lang.String, so it should have a cmp-field named CASE_INSENSITIVE_ORDER

      here is a sample of my ejb-jar.xml file:


      no description

      What on earth am I doing wrong? Do i really need to add an entry in the XML file for a cmp-field that does not exist in mt bean? Where is the error documentation for this? This is extremely frustrating.

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          Well I fixed my own problem. I went home, slept on it, and re -read the docs. I decided to run the verifier, and with the handy EJB spec I noticed the bean was not specifying the <prinkey-field>userid</prinkey-field> right (mispelled primkey). So I fixed that and ran the verify and it deployed just fine.

          Lesson learned: use the verifyer and ANT.